Hiroyuki Kasahara

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Hiroyuki Kasahara
Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hitotsubashi University
& Associate Professor at University of Columbia
R516, Ext. 8669

Current Position

Adjunct Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS), Hitotsubashi University
Associate Professor, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia


2002 Ph. D., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1998 M.S., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1997 M.A., International Political Economy, University of Tsukuba
1995 B.A., International Relations, University of Tsukuba

Research Interests

Econometrics, International Trade, Macroeconomics

Recent Papers and Representative Publications

“Testing the Number of Regimes in Markov Regime Switching Models (January 2018),” with Katsumi Shimotsu.

“Gain Exports and China’s Great Famine, 1959—1961: Country-Level Evidence (January 2018),” with Binjing Li.

“Asymptotic Properties of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Regime Switching Econometric Models,” with Katsumi Shimotsu, Journal of Econometrics, 208 (2019) 422-467.

“Estimation of Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models,” with Katsumi Shimotsu, Japanese Economic Review, March 2018, 69, 28-58.

“Does Importing Intermediates Increase the Demand for Skilled Workers? Plant-level Evidence from Indonesia,” with Joel Rodrigue and Yawen Liang, Journal of International Economics, 2016, 102, 242-161. (Supplemental Appendix)

“Testing the Number of Components in Normal Mixture Regression Models,” with Katsumi Shimotsu, Journal of the American Statistical Association (Theory and Methods), 2015, 110, 1632-1645. (Supplemental Appendix)

“Productivity and the Decision to Import and Export: Theory and Evidence,” with Beverly Lapham, Journal of International Economics, 2013, 89(2), 297-316. 2008 Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award in Global Economy

“Sequential Estimation of Structural Models with a Fixed Point Constraint,” with Katsumi Shimotsu, Econometrica, 80(5), 2012, 2303-2319. (Supplemental Appendix)

“Nonparametric Identification of Finite Mixture of Dynamic Discrete Choices,” with Katsumi Shimotsu, Econometrica, 77(1), 2009, 135-175. (Errata)

“Does the Use of Imported Intermediates Increase Productivity? Plant-level Evidence,” with Joel Rodrigue, Journal of Development Economics, 87(1), 2008, 106-118. (Supplemental Appendix)