Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

Organization Members


Name Position
Chair Person Satoshi Nakano President, Hitotsubashi University
Director Yasuhiro Otsuki Vice President, Hitotsubashi University
Director, Research Center for Evidence-based Policy Making
Deputy Director Takashi Kurosaki Director, Research Center for Global Economic Systems
Toyohiko Hachiya Executive Vice President, Hitotsubashi University
Naohito Abe Assistant Vice President, Hitotsubashi University
Director, Hitotsubashi International Center of Research and Training of Economic Measurement
Ayako Honda Director, Research Center for Health Policy and Economics
Hiroyuki Okamuro Director, Research Center for Regional and SME Policy
Masao Kumamoto Director, Research Center for Asia Policy
Naohiro Shichijo Director, Research Center for Data-driven Society
Nobumasa Akiyama Director, Center for Global Governance Research
Hironori Fukukawa Director, Management Innovation Research Center
Hidetoshi Yamashita Director, Anthropocene Research Center
Haruaki Fukuda Director, Brain Research Center

Organization Chart

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Date Agreement Content
December 22, 2020 Agreement on partnership and cooperation between Hitotsubashi Institute of Advanced Study (HIAS) and METI’s Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Research exchange