Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

Aiming for the world’s cutting-edge of social sciences research

Hitotsubashi University, as a research university in the social sciences, has long been a leader in various social science fields in Japan. Today, while academic research activities are globally extending rapidly, people in the society strongly expect universities to contribute toward solving major social problems in the world. In order to respond to these requests from the society by advancing the higher level of international joint research, we established the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) in 2014 as a research organization directly under the President, aiming for the world’s cutting-edge of social sciences research.

HIAS has two main roles. The first is functioning as a hub for international joint research. HIAS invites researchers from outside Japan who are active on the frontier of their fields, to promote international joint research with Hitotsubashi faculty members, aimed at producing and disseminating advanced research results in the world. To facilitate active research collaborations at HIAS, we allow the residency terms of invited researchers to be set as flexibly as possible, within the range of around one month to a year.

The second role of HIAS is planning Priority Area Research Projects as interdisciplinary efforts to address urgent issues faced by Japan and the world, and implementing them as the projects of the whole university. Hitotsubashi University has had strength in social sciences that contribute toward real-life improvements in society, such as research toward problem-solving or institutional reform in social, economic, or legal systems, and research leading to innovation in business administration. As the foundations for these studies, an emphasis has also been placed on fundamental and applied research. The Priority Area Research Projects follow in this tradition of the University, aiming to make HIAS a center of science for social improvement. Currently two Priority Area Research Projects are under way, with the overall themes of “Redesigning the Global Economic System” and “Advancing Research in Health Economics.”

Hitotsubashi University remains committed to producing advanced research results through international collaborations, with HIAS as its core, and to carrying out university-wide interdisciplinary research on major issues faced by the world, thereby contributing to society. We much hope that many active researchers from around the world visit HIAS to take part in a variety of research activities toward fulfilling this mission.

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Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS)