Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

Hitotsubashi University, as a research university in the social sciences, has long been a leader in various social science fields in Japan. Today, while academic research activities are globally extending rapidly, people in the society strongly expect universities to contribute toward solving major social problems in the world. In order to respond to these requests from the society by advancing the higher level of international joint research, we established the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) in 2014 as a research organization directly under the President, aiming for the world’s cutting-edge of social sciences research.[:]

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In spring of 2018, GLECS (Research Center for Global Economic Systems) was newly established under the HIAS to take over the research which the HIAS has been focusing on since its establishment. If you are interested in the activity of GLECS as shown in the following list, please click “go to GLECS”.
1. Research activity at GLECS
2. HIAS Fellow and HIAS Postdoctoral Fellow
3. Hitotsubashi Summer Institute, HIAS Seminar and HIAS Lunch Seminar
4. Publications including HIAS Discussion Paper series

Hitotsubashi University established its Research Center for Health Policy and Economics in 2015 to advance research in health economics.
The Center aims to conduct policy advocacy and social outreach on the basis of advanced research and analysis, to develop human resources with a good understanding of medical settings and a well-rounded specialized education in social science, and to form research and education networks with other universities, research institutes and medical institutions through these activities.

一橋大学では2015年度に医療経済の研究の高度化を目的として「医療政策・経済研究センター (HIAS Health)」を設置しました。センターでは、高度な研究分析を基にした政策提言や社会への発信、医療現場に精通しながらも社会科学の総合的専門教育を受けた人材の育成、さらにこれらの活動を通じた他大学・研究機関・医療機関との研究・教育ネットワークの構築を推進してまいります。

一橋大学では2015年度に医療経済の研究の高度化を目的として「医療政策・経済研究センター (HIAS Health)」を設置しました。センターでは、高度な研究分析を基にした政策提言や社会への発信、医療現場に精通しながらも社会科学の総合的専門教育を受けた人材の育成、さらにこれらの活動を通じた他大学・研究機関・医療機関との研究・教育ネットワークの構築を推進してまいります。