Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. HIAS-E-24Selective Incentives and Intra-Group Heterogeneity in Collective ContentsAuthor : Shmuel NITZAN, Kaoru UEDADate : Mar 2016
  2. HIAS-E-23Accuracy and Retaliation in Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring: Experiments and TheoryAuthor : Yutaka KAYABA, Hitoshi MATSUSHIMA, Tomohisa TOYAMADate : Mar 2016
  3. HIAS-E-22A Curse of ‘Point Source’ Resources? : Cash Crops and Numeracy on the Philippines 19th-20th CenturyAuthor : Jean-Pascal BASSINO, Joerg BATENDate : Mar 2016
  4. HIAS-E-21Is Diversity in Capabilities Desirable When Adding Decision Makers?Author : Ruth BEN-YASHAR, Shmuel NITZANDate : Mar 2016
  5. HIAS-E-20Does Better Corporate Governance Encourage Higher Payout? : Risk, Agency Cost, and Dividend PolicyAuthor : Debarati BHATTACHARYA, Wei-Hsien LI, S. Ghon RHEEDate : Mar 2016
  6. HIAS-E-19Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: A General Equilibrium ExplorationAuthor : Takashi Kano Date : Apr 2019
  7. HIAS-E-18Asymmetric information allocation to avoid coordination failureAuthor : Fumitoshi MORIYA, Takuro YAMASHITADate : Dec 2015
  8. HIAS-E-17Liquidity Shocks and Asset PricesAuthor : Pablo A. GUERRON-QUINTANA, Ryo JINNAIDate : Dec 2015
  9. HIAS-E-16Employing Bayesian Forecasting of Value-at-Risk to Determine an Appropriate Model for Risk ManagementAuthor : Cathy W.S. CHEN, Monica M.C. WENG, Toshiaki WATANABEDate : Dec 2015
  10. HIAS-E-15Changing saving and investment behavior: the impact of financial literacy training and reminders on micro-businessesAuthor : Girum ABEBE, Biruk TEKLE, Yukichi MANODate : Dec 2015