Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. HIAS-E-139Charity Fraud: An Experimental Study of the Moral Hazard Problem in the Charity MarketAuthor : Hiroki Kato, Youngrok KimDate : April 2, 2024
  2. HIAS-E-138Shutting-out-proofness in object allocation problems with moneyAuthor : Hiroki ShinozakiDate : 2024/02/13
  3. HIAS-E-137Shill-proof rules in object allocation problems with moneyAuthor : Hiroki ShinozakiDate : 2024/02/13
  4. HIAS-E-136Non-obvious manipulability and efficiency in package assignment problems with money for agents with income effects and hard budget constraintsAuthor : Hiroki ShinozakiDate : 2023/12/18
  5. HIAS-E-135Efficiency and strategy-proofness in object allocation problems with payments: Externalities with income effectsAuthor : Hiroki ShinozakiDate : 2023/11/06
  6. HIAS-E-134Tax-Price Elasticities of Charitable Giving and Selection of Declaration: Panel Study of South KoreaAuthor : Hiroki Kato, Tsuyoshi Goto, Youngrok KimDate : September 2023
  7. HIAS-E-133Financial Integration, Excess Consumption Volatility, and the World Real Interest RateAuthor : Haruna YamadaDate : September 2023
  8. HIAS-E-132The Trend Effect of Foreign Exchange InterventionAuthor : Rasmus Fatum, Yohei Yamamoto, Binwei ChenDate : August 2023
  9. HIAS-E-131Estimation of firms' inflation expectations using the survey DIAuthor : Jouchi NakajimaDate : July 2023
  10. HIAS-E-130Government and market initiatives for the governance of fertilizer quality in VietnamAuthor : Emi Kojin, Do Van Hoang, Nguyen Thiet, Yutaka Arimoto, Vo Hong Tu, Yukichi Mano, Nguyen Duy Can, Kazunari TsukadaDate : May 2023