Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. HIAS-E-94Decentralized Targeting of Agricultural Credit Programs: Private versus Political IntermediariesAuthor : Pushkar Maitra, Sandip Mitra, Dilip Mookherjee, Sujata VisariaDate : Jan 2020
  2. HIAS-E-93The Curse of Knowledge: Having Access to Customer Information Can be Detrimental to Monopoly’s ProfitAuthor : Didier Laussel, Ngo Van Long, Joana ResendeDate : Dec 2019
  3. HIAS-E-92A Dynamic Analysis of Climate Change Mitigation with Endogenous Number of Contributors: Loose vs Tight CooperationAuthor : Luca Colombo, Paola Labrecciosa, Ngo Van LongDate : Dec 2019
  4. HIAS-E-91Vertically Differentiated Cournot Oligopoly : Effects of Market Expansion and Trade Liberalization on Relative Markup and Product QualityAuthor : Ngo Van Long, Zhuang MiaoDate : Nov 2019
  5. HIAS-E-90The Great Moderation: Updated Evidence with Joint Tests for Multiple Structural Changes in Variance and PersistenceAuthor : Pierre Perron, Yohei YamamotoDate : Sep 2019
  6. HIAS-E-89Accumulation of Foreign Currency Reserves and Risk-takingAuthor : Rasmus Fatum, James YetmanDate : Sep 2019
  7. HIAS-E-88Forecasting Public Investment Using Daily Stock ReturnsAuthor : Hiroshi Morita Date : Aug 2019
  8. HIAS-E-87Economic Viability of Large-scale Irrigation Construction in 21st Century sub-Saharan Africa: Centering around the Estimation of Construction Costs of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in KenyaAuthor : Masao Kikuchi, Yukichi Mano, Tim Njagi, Douglas Merrey, Keijiro OtsukaDate : Aug 2019
  9. HIAS-E-86Nonlinear Effects of Population Aging on Economic Growth?Author : Hyun-Hoon Lee, Kwanho ShinDate : Apr 2019
  10. HIAS-E-85Testing Jointly for Structural Changes in the Error Variance and Coefficients of a Linear Regression ModelAuthor : Pierre Perron, Yohei Yamamoto, Jing ZhouDate : Apr 2019