Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. HIAS-E-78Skill, Value and Remuneration in CommitteesAuthor : Ruth BEN-YASHAR, Shmuel NITZANDate : Nov 2018
  2. HIAS-E-77Corporate Governance, Accounting Transparency and Stock Exchange Sizes in Germany, Japan and “Anglo-Saxon” Economies, 1870-1950Author : Leslie HANNAH Date : Nov 2018
  3. HIAS-E-76Fragmentation and Gains from TradeAuthor : Edwin L.-C. LAI, Han (Steffan) QIDate : Oct 2018
  4. HIAS-E-75The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Stability During the Gold Standard. Spain 1874?1914Author : Elena MARTÍNEZ-RUIZ, Pilar NOGUES-MARCODate : Sep 2018
  5. HIAS-E-74Capital Markets and Grain Prices: Assessing the Storage Cost ApproachAuthor : Wolfgang KELLER, Carol H. SHIUE, Xin WANGDate : Sep 2018
  6. HIAS-E-73Transfer Pricing and the Arm's Length Principle under Imperfect CompetitionAuthor : Jay Pil CHOI, Taiji FURUSAWA, Jota ISHIKAWADate : Oct 2018
  7. HIAS-E-72Identifying Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregression Models via Changes in Shock VariancesAuthor : Yohei YAMAMOTO Date : Aug 2018
  8. HIAS-E-71Hollowing Out or Filling In? Impacts of Multinational Enterprises on Domestic Plant Turnover and Job Growth in Factory AsiaAuthor : Hyunbae CHUN, Jung HUR, Nyeong Seon SONDate : Jun 2018
  9. HIAS-E-70Is Inequality Increasing in r-g? The Dynamics of Capital’s Income Share in the UK, 1210-2013Author : Jakob B MADSEN Date : Jun 2018
  10. HIAS-E-69Spillovers as a Driver to Reduce Ex-post Inequality Generated by Randomized Experiments: Experiments from an Agricultural Training InterventionAuthor : Kazushi TAKAHASHI, Yukichi MANO, Keijiro OTSUKADate : May 2018