Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

Redesigning the Global Economic System

Rapid globalization has made necessary a restructuring of the world economy system. To contribute to a new design, researchers in fields where Hitotsubashi University excels, including international economics, development economics, finance, innovation, international politics, economic norms, etc., come together at the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study to engage in theoretical and empirical analysis of economic systems, leading to policy proposals for realizing sustainable growth of Japan and the world. In spring of 2018, the Research Center for Global Economic Systems (RC4GLECS) was newly established under the HIAS. The RC4GLECS will take over the interdisciplinary research which the HIAS has been focusing on since its establishment. There are four research areas: globalization and economic policies; institutions and policies for sustainable poverty reduction in developing countries; development of macroeconometric models with applications to macroeconomic problems; and norms, institutions, and mechanism design.


Advancing Research in Health Economics

As healthcare costs continue rising in an extremely aging society, there are urgent needs to achieve more efficient use of healthcare resources and to devise sustainable healthcare systems. Limited healthcare resources must be directed at the persons who truly need medical and nursing care. To this end, it will be necessary to reduce waste, while examining which resources are being directed to which medical behavior in which medical departments in which regions, so as to verify that they are being distributed optimally. At the Research Center for Health Policy and Economics, methodologies and knowledge from economics, accounting, business administration, finance, and various other social sciences will be used to raise the level of health policy and economics research.