Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. 13-14 July, HSI2024-10th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute: Microeconomic Theory (onsite)

  2. 13 June, The 2nd HIAS Seminar 2024: Sungwan Hong, Pennsylvania State University, “Green Industrial Policies and Energy Transition in the Globalized Economy”

  3. 19 June, The 88th HIAS Lunch Seminar: Etienne Makdissi, Hitotsubashi University , “Effect of Legal Same-Sex Marriage in the United States With A Comprehensive Matching Model”

  4. 1 May, The 87th HIAS Lunch Seminar: Eric Klemm, University College London, “Wage Progression and Cohort Inequality in the German Labour Market”

  5. 16 May, The 1st HIAS Seminar 2024 : Dr. Shurojit Chatterji (Singapore Management University), “Efficiency with heterogeneous forecasts” (onsite)

  6. 11 March, HSI2023 – the 9th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute: Macroeconomic Policies was held

  7. 11 March, HSI2023-9th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute: Macroeconomic Policies

  8. 28 March, The 9th HIAS Seminar 2023: Dr. Randall Morck, University of Alberta, “Indexing and the Incorporation of Exogenous Information Shocks into Stock Prices” (onsite)

  9. 8-9 February, International Seminar “Dialogue between Philosophy and Economics: Taking Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-being Seriously in Its Formulation and Measurement for Social Evaluation” (hybrid)

  10. 25 March, The 8th HIAS Seminar 2023 (co-hosted by Economic Theory Workshop): Dr. Shaowei Ke, CEIBS, “Decision Making Under Multidimensional Risk” (onsite)