Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. June 1, The 2nd HIAS Seminar 2023: Kenzo Asahi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, “The Role of Social, Spatial, and Economic Frictions in School Socioeconomic Segregation”

  2. May 11, The 1st HIAS Seminar 2023: Shinnosuke Kikuchi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Granular Origins of Labor Market Pooling”

  3. We will hold the Macro- and Financial Econometrics Session of HSI2022-8th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute.

  4. 22thDecember, The 5th HIAS Seminar 2022: Kohei Takeda, National University of Singapore, “The Geography of Structural Transformation: Effects on Inequality and Mobility”

  5. We will hold the HSI2022-8th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute.

  6. 11th October, The 2nd HIAS Seminar 2022: David Weil, Brown University, “Land Quality”with J. Vernon Henderson and Adam Storeygard

  7. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-122 “The Efficiency of the Government’s Revenue Projections”を発行しました。

  8. [Now available]The paper entitled “The price of distance: pricing-to-market and geographic barriers” by Professor Takashi Kano (Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi Graduate School), Professor Kazutaka Takechi (Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics, Hosei University), and Associate Professor Kazuko Kano (Faculty of Commerce, School of commerce, Waseda University) has been published in the Journal of Economic Geography

  9. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-120 “An evolution of global and regional banking networks: A focus on Japanese banks’ international expansion” has been issued.

  10. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-119 “Transportation Infrastructure and Trade” has been issued.