Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. 22 November, The 86th HIAS Lunch Seminar: Takahiro Toriyabe, Hitotsubashi University “Firm investment and production after a natural disaster: Evidence from Great East Japan Earthquake”

  2. 15 November, The 85th HIAS Lunch Seminar: David U. Socol de la Osa “Leveraging Law for Innovation: Navigating Disruptive Technology Regulation and Fostering Economic Growth”

  3. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-135 “Efficiency and strategy-proofness in object allocation problems with payments: Externalities with income effects” has been issued.

  4. 1 November, The 84th HIAS Lunch Seminar: Etienne Makdissi, “On Domestic Migration, Marital Formation, and Female Labor Supply”

  5. 25 October, The 82nd HIAS Lunch Seminar:Kazuki Motohashi ”The Impact of Municipal Mergers on Pollution Control: Evidence of River Pollution in Japan”

  6. 12 October, The 5th HIAS Seminar 2023: Kiyoyasu Tanaka (IDE-Jetro), “Origin of Goods and the Distributional Effects of Trade Liberalization”

  7. 7 December, The 7th HIAS Seminar 2023 (co-hosted by Economic Theory Workshop): Dr. Jun Honda, Shinshu University, “Intermediary Search for Suppliers in Procurement Auctions” (onsite)

  8. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-133 “Financial Integration, Excess Consumption Volatility, and the World Real Interest Rate” has been issued.

  9. 2 November, The 6th HIAS Seminar 2023 (co-hosted by Economic Theory Workshop): Dr. Seiji Takanashi, Kanazawa University, “Social preferences of streams” (onsite)

  10. 14 September, The 4th HIAS Seminar 2023: Masahiro Yoshida, Waseda University, “Climate Change and Labor Market Dropouts of Adult Males: Evidence from the Half Century”