Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

Prof. Takashi Oshio was appointed as the Chairperson of Central Social Insurance Medical Council of the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in April, 2020.

  1. 11 March, HSI2023-9th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute: Macroeconomic Policies

  2. 28 March, The 9th HIAS Seminar 2023: Dr. Randall Morck, University of Alberta, “Indexing and the Incorporation of Exogenous Information Shocks into Stock Prices” (onsite)

  3. 8-9 February, International Seminar “Dialogue between Philosophy and Economics: Taking Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-being Seriously in Its Formulation and Measurement for Social Evaluation” (hybrid)

  4. 5 February, Hitotsubashi Workshop on Economic Measurement Group: Finance (on-site)

  5. 18 January, Hitotsubashi Workshop on Economic Measurement Group: Property Market (on-site)

  6. 25 March, The 8th HIAS Seminar 2023 (co-hosted by Economic Theory Workshop): Dr. Shaowei Ke, CEIBS, “Decision Making Under Multidimensional Risk” (onsite)

  7. 16 January, The 7th MIC-CAREM International Research Seminar 2023: Dr. Ferdinand A. Gul, University of Sunshine Coast “Research Opportunity for Risk Management Committees and Rebranding”

  8. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-136 “Non-obvious manipulability and efficiency in package assignment problems with money for agents with income effects and hard budget constraints” has been issued.

  9. 14 December, IIR Innovation Forum (Online)

  10. 8 December, The 68th regular seminar: Dr. Tao TAO, School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China, “Birth Order and Gender Differences in the Division of Elderly Support within Chinese Family in the Process of Individualization”