Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. 11th May, The 56th regular seminar : Dr. Stefan Lipman, Erasmus University Rotterdam,”Tailored financial incentives for health behaviour”

  2. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-119 “Transportation Infrastructure and Trade” has been issued.

  3. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-118 “Forecasting GDP growth using stock returns in Japan: A factor-augmented MIDAS approach” has been issued.

  4. 16th March, The 55th regular seminar : Mizanur Rahman,Hitotsubashi University,”Global, regional, and national progress in financial risk protection towards universal health coverage, 2000-2030: a Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis”

  5. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-117 “Heterogeneous Internal Trade Cost and Its Implications in Trade” has been issued.

  6. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-116 “COVID-19 Uncertainty Index in Japan: Newspaper-Based Measures and Economic Activities” has been issued.

  7. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-115 “Do Economic Incentives Promote Physical Activity? Evidence from the London Congestion Charge” has been issued.

  8. Discussion Paper HIAS-E-114 “Welfare Costs of Exchange Rate Fluctuations: Evidence from the 1972 Okinawa Reversion” has been issued.

  9. Webinar of Bayesian Econometrics 2021 on 26-27 November, 2021

  10. November 9th, The 2nd HIAS Seminar : Peiyun Jiang, Hitotsubashi University, “Consistency of the common break estimator in panel data models under misspecification”