Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

  1. [Open position] Assistant Professor or Research Associate (closing date; Monday 31st August 2020 (JST))

  2. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Research Center for Evidence-based Policy Making, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS EBPM) website.

  3. 23rd October 2019 The 43rd regular seminar : Hongming Wang, Hitotsubashi University, ”Expanding health insurance with mandate and subsidy: theory and evidence from Massachusetts”

  4. 6th November 2019 The 42nd regular seminar : Yasushi Hara, Hitotsubashi University, ”Drug Discovery in Japan – Investigating the Sources of Innovation.”

  5. 25th September 2019 The 40th Regular Seminar:Masaki Takahashi, HIAS Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitotsubashi University “The Behavioral Effect of Insurance Coverage and Its Health Consequences:Evidence from Long-Term Care.”

  6. 26th June 2019 The 39th Regular Seminar:Thomas Rouyard, HIAS Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitotsubashi University “A behavioural economics approach to personalised risk communication : nudging people with Type 2 diabetes towards a healthier lifestyle.

  7. 1st March 2019 The 36th Regular Seminar:Soonman Kwon, SNU, South Korea, “Health Financing for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Low-Income Countries”

  8. A full-page advertisement on the 4th Policy Forum appeared in the Nikkei

  9. Congratulations to Professor M. Sato on Receiving the Ishikawa Prize

  10. Congratulations to Professor T. Hayashi on Receiving the Nakahara Prize